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Nosotros hemos entrenado perros para, entre otros, los siguientes clientes, incluyendo cursos en su locación:


Indonesia Custom and Police and BNN (Anti Narcotic Unit) NDD, Patrol, Search and Rescue Dogs
Israel Police and Special Forces
MOD (Ministry of Defense)

Kurdistan Airport Erbil, Dog Unit EDD, NDD and Currency Detection Dogs
Libia Patrol EDD
Nigeria Heineken Brewery Anti Riot and EDD
Portugal National Republican Guard Anti Riot Unit
Ruanda National Police EDD and NDD
Arabia Saudita
Green Dogs
Sur Africa
Anti Poaching Tracking Dogs
Green Dogs
Emiraos Arabes Unidos MOD (Ministry of Defense)
Special Forces K9 Unit

Reino Unido MOD (Ministry of Defense) Duals specialized in Tracking
USA total DOD Department of Defense Green Duals

Navy Seals Special Forces Dogs

TSA Airport Security Dogs Green Detection floppy ears
Police Departments throughout the USA Fully trained Dual Dogs
Florida Hollywood PD, Miami
Louisiana New Orleans PD, St Charles Parish
North Carolina Hoke County, Fayetteville PD, Greg County
Texas Kilgore PD, Longview PD
Venezuela Police EDD and NDD

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